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Website Design & SEO – Sparkle Magic Events

Full website created from scratch with no use of templates or themes for a Wedding & event Stylist.

We created this from the exact fonts, colours & images requested by our client to fit their specifications they wanted. Integrating videos, images and awards provided to us into their website to showcase to their customers the level of work they do. We also completed a full site SEO for them and provided a SEO Audit report upon completion.

A bit about Sparkle Magic Events:

“Sparkle Magic Events are professional décor stylists and we are here to not just provide incredible décor to your wedding or event but we are here to support and guide you through the process. As with any business, each décor stylist will have their own way of working, however I am going to set out how we work and what we do. At Sparkle Magic Events we meet with you either in person or virtually before you book with us so that you can get a feel for us as a business and we get to hear all about your wedding plans. This enables you to make an informed choice if we are the décor stylists for you. Of course we hope that you choose us and get booked into our diary.”

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