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FixitProHR – Electronic Device Repair Croatia

Full website created from scratch with no use of templates or themes for a long standing friend who completes the most complex repairs on anything Tech related!

Visit their website here:

Thanks to our client we had the full use of our imagination & skills to complete this ourselves with a vague idea of what they would like for their business. Websites are not just for show to making your business look more professional, but a great way for a new audience and new clients to contact your business – allowing for the client to provide their service to customers who need it!

We completed this website in just over 2 days from start to finish with full after sales support for any changes and/or additions to be made. Our advice is always free if you have any questions about an idea or Website you have with us already!

This website was completed with a 96/100 rating in performance and 100/100 for SEO from Google! 96/100 for performance is an exceptional rating and also improves the chances of Google showing this website more & more. The higher the performance, the less chance of users leaving the website before they have seen everything. We even added animations to this site and were still able to retain a very high performing website for the client.

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