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Brand Autos offers ECU Tuning, Remaps, Recovery, Transport & Mobile Repairs.

We have done a lot of work for them in the past with Flyer/Business Card/Logo designs and now finished it off with a brand new website,

Retaining the current logo colours we settled on a Black & Red theme to keep it all together with Branding & Marketing material.  They offer a massive range of services so this website did require quite a number of pages to be created (30+ of them!).  All aspects of this website was made from scratch, we had no templates in use here which leaves customisation at its max. These can be some of the tougher ones to create but also lets their ideas be put in place easily, with no restrictions.

A list of their services can be found below:

Brand Autos Services

As they provide ECU Tuning with a whole range of different options that can be added, we embedded a widget to allow users to input their own car make/model/engine to see their performance gains in real-time without having to contact every time they wanted to check.  This option is great for accessibility to the websites end user. Examples of how this works is shown here:

Tuning Stats Brand Autos

Brand Autos can also supply Remap files for other agents in the industry. This involves payments/sending files back and forth, no one wants to be sending and attaching emails back and forward that then get lost a month later. So we added in a Helpdesk/Portal so that all these tickets can be saved in the customers account and easily referred back to by logging into the site. Communication is easy in the Portal and can allow payments to be shared between the 2 users – a very streamlined process.

Example of their Agent Portal here available to all registered users:

Brand Autos Agent Portal

We took this website creation to be as easy to use as possible.  Believing in a simple no frills website is the best way to look at this, no distractions from slow loading due to popups and animations everywhere.  You want the info, click here and get it. Upon completion of the site, we did a full SEO audit and ensure every page was as accessible to Google Search as possible,  and also provided the Sitemap to Google.

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